Monday, February 18, 2013

Valentine's love.....

We never really celebrated Valentine's Day.  But, now that we have a kid in school, Valentine's Day has become a "holiday".  His class had a party.  I volunteered to make cupcakes. The kids love it.  They devour the homemade, vegan cupcakes.  I made 3 dozen vanilla cupcakes with vanilla icing, and a fondant heart. So cute!

Cupcake love

Monday, I felt like making comfort food.  I made this mockloaf recipe, roasted potatoes, and sauteed mushrooms, carrots, and broccoli from the garden.  I rarely make mashed potatoes.  For some reason, my boys don't like them.  They love roasted potatoes.  And they really love picking and eating raw broccoli from the garden.  Here is the link for the mockloaf:

Comfort food
Tuesday I made a simple lentil soup.  It was really good.  Quick and easy.  Perfect.
Lentil soup
Wednesday was leftover nite as usual.

Thursday, I made a baked pasta dish for my guys.  It was a sugar filled day.  Our oldest had a Valentine's Party at his school.  It was fun.  The pasta was topped with tomato sauce, and Daiya.  I made a simple ricotta out of fresh garlic, and oregano from the garden, white beans, and cashews.
Pasta Bake
Friday night, Josh had to work late, so it was an easy dinner for us.  We had leftovers.
Saturday was family fun day.  We put together a bookshelf for the boys, worked and played in the garden, our 6 year old went to karate, and played outside all day.  It was awesome.  For dinner, I made tacos.  Yum!  We had leftover mockloaf, so I crumbled it, drizzled it with a little oil, and added taco seasonings to it.  We topped the tacos with cheeze, salsa, and sour cream.  They were tasty.  I served them with a side of refried pinto beans.
 Sunday we had lunch and play at a friend's home.  They made three lovely salads, and I brought a fruit salad.  It was so tasty, and the boys had fun playing with their son.  That night, I made tofu scramble, and chocolate chip pancakes. I wanted to make something quick.  Josh was starting to feel a bit under the weather.
Breakfast for dinner.
Happy Monday!
peas and love....
Krys and the boys


  1. I just found your new blog! Lost you for awhile! Glad to hear that you're still doing well and cooking up delicious stuff! That bean and cashew ricotta sounds amazing!!

    1. Thanks. Your book is on my wish list. :)

  2. Everything sounds so yummy! I should not have read this before dinner! Now I want to run to the store for stuff for tacos....I loveeeeee tacos. And soup. And mockloaf....we like to have some mashed taters with ours though.

    1. I love tacos too. I would have made mashed potatoes, but my boys are weird. They are not fond of mashed potatoes.