Thursday, March 13, 2014

Back from the dread.....

I'm back.  Did you miss me?  Of course you did. I stopped this page, as well as the Facebook page due to needing to care for my youngest son.  Last year, we found out he is autistic.  I call him awesome. What's in a label, anyway?

Now that he is in school, I will have time to update at least once a week, maybe more if time permits.  I am not going to continue to Facebook cooking page.  Too much negativity.  Ugly people can be dreadful.  No meanies allowed.  This is a happy place.

Here's the food.  Last night, I made Indian food. We had a tofu curry, pakoras, and a flatbread. I made the flatbread using carrots, instead of zucchini.  The flatbread recipe is Manjula's kitchen. The other recipes are from another great chef.  I was pleased that our youngest, Little Bear tried the pakora, flatbread, and basmati rice.  Autistic kids are known for being very picky eaters.  Parenting win!  I almost forgot. I also made a ginger apricot chutney. It was really tasty. I just pureed some dried apricots, water, ginger, garlic, and a dash of cayenne.  Sweet, and spicy!

I have been given the opportunity to once again, test for a great vegan chef.  So, some recipes will show pictures.  But. will not show the recipe itself. 

Also, for future reference, all the meals listed on this blog are now gluten-free.  Of course they are vegan.  Since a gluten-free diet has worked wonders on our sweet, autistic one.  We eat gluten-free. It was actually an easy transition. I love to cook, and bake.  So, it has been a fun challenge. 

Check back later.  There will be more posts.  I have missed you, and look forward to sharing recipes.

Food is love.

Krys, and the boys


  1. I'm a GF vegan as well--looking forward to your GF baking to give me some ideas. Hugs to your youngest--glad the diet is helping.

  2. Thanks. <3 I am glad to be blogging again.

  3. YAY! You know I have missed your page! I am so glad you are back and things have smoothed out with Little Bear! He is awesome as is the whole family!